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How to invest in real estate 

This page outlines the most important steps in buying a home

There are thousands of properties across all property categories available in the Mediterranean region

After all, buyers are unaware of the real estate realities in a particular market to determine exactly what’s right for them.
Therefore we can guide and help you to understand the right purpose, so we can suggest the most suitable property for you.

For a successful deal, we need following details:

  • What is the purpose of purchasing a property?
  • Are you also looking for permanent residence or second citizenship with a second passport or just as an investment?
  • Are you going to live in it all year around or partly rent out?
  • Is a great ROI most important or as a more family oriented investment?
  • What is the approximate budget allocated for your purchase?
  • How many bedrooms, baths do you need?
  • What is the desired type of property – apartment, townhouse or villa?
  • In what country are you looking to invest, in Greece, Cyprus, Grenada or Antigua Caribbean?
  • Where do you want to live – near beach, in the mountains with sea view, in the city, in the countryside or on an island?
  • Do you need to be near schools, universities, near business or offices?
  • Any other needs you might have?

These are the things we’re going to talk about

Arranging a viewing trip

In fact, you may want to visit any of these countries and experience the property for yourself to make a purchase decision, or you can make the decision based on info provided and seen using virtual meetings and zoom


If you come to Greece or Cyprus you can enter with a valid Schengen visa. If not, you will need to apply for a visa to the region you are going to visit at your nearest consulate.

Hotel booking

We can help you book hotels when needed at good rates offered by leading hotels.

Property Sales Transaction

A property acquisition in any other country is a legal procedure that shall be observed by all the parties concerned.
A local lawyer will be assisting in the whole buying process to make sure all aspects are covered in the transaction

All these details will be discussed upon our zoom meetings before proceeding any further

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