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As a company involved in global real estate transactions, TRADEK Properties is required to verify its clients

The type of verification we require may vary depending on the value of the property you are buying or investing in and the country of which you are a citizen

Some countries may have imposed trade sanctions and some individuals may be blocked from international trade. This is because each country has different laws that Tradek must abide by

Usually we only need to check the ID from a ID Card or Driver License with your name, address , date of birth and country clearly visible on the copy. A useful source is also a link to your social media profile like Facebook or LinkedIn. If you are a business you can also provide a link to your business website. Sometimes we also need more information to comply with the regulations such as copy of passport and document with proof of funds

We will contact you if we need anything else from you, so please check your emails and your spam box after sending us your verification details

Please fill the form below and we will get back to you once we have verified your identity

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