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TRADEK MEDIA CK Grafik Media Portfolio

Marketing Brochures

3D Flip Brochure English
3D Flip Brochure Chinese
3D Brochure GR-EN
Brochure Image
3D Flip Brochure & Banner
3D Flip Brochure KenLift


Short VIDEO Post HR Chinese

VIDEO Long HR English

Short VIDEO Post HR English

TRADEK Video Portfolio

Web Creation

CK Grafik Digital Marketing

  • Digital 3D Brochures
  • Video Editing
  • Content Writing & Editing
  • Translation English – Swedish – English
  • Finnish – Swedish – Finnish
  • English – Finnish – English
  • Web Design
  • Domain Names
  • Website Hosting
  • Name Servers
  • Email by Domain Name

ABOUT CK Grafik WEB Services

Clas has been involved in a lot of things as an entrepreneur during the years but also since 2002 Clas have been dealing with marketing, sales and web design when websites were relatively new among individuals back then

Most of these tasks have been done for his own businesses, but lately Clas decided to offer this service also to other people in need of help.

Working in digital media is exciting and that’s why Clas enjoys working in this field

Selling and promoting real estate is one thing, but working on physical and concrete projects like digital media is challenging but fun

Clas Kock

Interested – Need help with your media projects? Get in touch with Clas!

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